I keep reading of people having a "drink to loosen up", but I think all that alcohol turns things off.

Bignuf Bignuf
What has been your observation? I have never found being intoxicated either sexy nor improving my or any guy I am with's performance.
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C&K0143 C&K0143
A few drinks, four max depending on the drink, can definitey “loosen” things up and make things a little more wild but drunk? No. Ruins it pretty quick because I get tired when drunk and my husband gets really introspective. - K
Geekhyena Geekhyena
I get a lot less inhibited when drunk, which, if I'm around my girlfriend, means I am a bit more exhibitionistic and I'm more likely to be a lot more blatant in my flirting.
Bubba29 Bubba29
i think there is definitely a tipping point. a bit to loosen up inhibitions is great. too much and orgasm becomes difficult to impossible.
Taylor Taylor
I have very low alcohol tolerance so even one or two drinks effects me a lot. I find that if I even have one drink I can't have an orgasm, so I don't usually drink at all, but I especially don't drink if I'm wanting to have sex that night.

I might be the minority here, but I also feel if I "need a drink to loosen up" then I'm probably not comfortable enough with the person to be sleeping with them anyway.
Ansley Ansley
Sex while slightly tipsy can be a ton of fun, going overboard is never a good idea though.
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