Looseness after giving birth

twoods89 twoods89
We've all heard that women who give birth aren't as tight as women who haven't...
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P'Gell P'Gell
Simply not true. Does your mouth "stretch" and stay big if you have bitten into a big sandwich, altering your appearance and the working order of your mouth? No. Does your anus stretch "out of shape" and stay that way if you are constipated and have a huge poop? NO. Do your nostrils "stretch" if you sneeze a lot or pick them all the time? NO.

Vaginas are similar. They are made to stretch during childbirth and go back to the same size. ALL women have the sides of their vaginas touching while they are at rest. Normal childbirth doesn't ruin vaginal muscles.

All women should probably do PC muscle exercises, to keep good pelvic health. This is whether they have had children or not.
Noelle Noelle
I feel like I am not tight anymore, but I had a 10 lb baby vaginaly. I guess I am paranoid, but I feel like you could drive a truck up in there now.
meitman meitman
It wouldn't surprise me if women feel like they're different after something like child birth. I obviously will never experience it first hand, but it doesn't seem like the funnest thing to do with a baby.

To answer the question anyway, I haven't been able to tell if my wife isn't as tight after three kids. I'm pretty much just excited to be down there so I don't really do inventory or anything.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I have to say that the wife felt tighter, even after our second child. I agree with P'Gell, the body is an amazing thing that has been designed to handle such things with no long term effects.
Dixiemomma Dixiemomma
i gave birth to a large baby vaginally, ripped me open, but the body adjusts and i'm possibly even a little tighter now than i was before the kid. so that statement is very very false lol
Gracie Gracie
My last baby was a 9 pounder, but my husband said it felt tighter at first then back to the usual. I gotta say all women should have a kegeling routine.
gavind gavind
It doesn't matter I guess. Tight or not, for me, the most important thing is loving your woman. EdenFantasys Logo
LLmama LLmama
I delivered a 9 lb baby vaginally and hubby said it feels the same.
SoloJoe SoloJoe
some woman bounce back but most dont
Mistress Dragon Mistress Dragon
I have never been told that I am to loose and I had my son at 17. The doctor that I had said he made me like new maybe even a little tighter. Who knows but I know that I have had men say I am very tight. I do do kegel work outs and that might be some of it as well.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by twoods89
We've all heard that women who give birth aren't as tight as women who haven't...
I have had three children the last was born two years ago. My OBGYN has to use a small size speculum to do my yearly exam. That is a nasty lie meant to make women feel like having too much sex or babies makes them somehow less sexually attractive.

The fact is if you are naturally loose you will be naturally loose after giving birth. There are exercises you can do and products to do the exercises with that will help make those muscles stronger and more reactive. After three years or so the muscles return to their pre-pregnancy condition as does the rest of the body.

It is possible that if a woman has many pregnancies close together she might take longer to return to her pre-pregnancy conditioning.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by SoloJoe
some woman bounce back but most dont
Wrong....almost all do with time. The key is NORMAL natural delivery. This is a myth.
marshmallow marshmallow
yep, annoying.
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