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Originally posted by 1001 Pleasures
In certain gay circles this is called a "rosebud," but it's just as unappealing as "meat sock."
A rosebud is a small prolapse, a meat sock or pink sock is a full prolapse. As far as I know anyways
KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
I know someone with anal prolapse. It had nothing to do with anal sex.
kaylajoy89 kaylajoy89
yes, i've heard of it. it can also happen to weight lifters.
MissMandii MissMandii
I have heard of gaping... but not this.
Pastafariette Pastafariette
I haven't heard of this until today, but I feel glad that I found out about it before someone could have the chance to shock me with it.
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