Sex myths you believed when you were younger?

lukas24 lukas24
What were some of the sex myths that you used to believe? Some you're embarrassed about?
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Silverdrop Silverdrop
Sleeping with a boy could get you pregnant - as in, sleeping in the same bed with one. This led to 9 year old me being terrified when my parents expected me to share a hotel bed with my younger brother!
Khanner Khanner
Until I was about 12, I thought a condom was like a pencil eraser the man put up his pee hole to keep the sperm from coming out. Thus the term "Rubber"
LittleA LittleA
I thought you could tell if a women was pregnant 1-right after the deed and 2- just by looking at ones woo woo.
peleusMD peleusMD
That women are horny if they bite their lips. EdenFantasys Logo
Kitten has left the site Kitten has left the site
That if you had sex once you get pregnant instantly -_- I blame thy mother.
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