There are people who orgasm from fear - Stress induced orgasm

Eugler Eugler
I've been researching the net for this topic some time ago but I never found a valid source of further information about this topic.

Maybe you know the 'woman on slingshot malta'- videos on youtube but I definitely know that it is really possible as I experienced it once during a math exam.

While browsing the net all I found was reports of other people who experienced it, mostly during exams.
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Do emu Do emu
It kind of makes sense. The body produces a shit ton of adrenaline and other chemicals that stimulate the body under stress and fear.
solitudinarian solitudinarian
Not surprising. I enjoy fear play, so I understand that fear can be pleasurable. Never had an orgasm from fear alone though.
JinxPinx JinxPinx
Hmm, I've never heard of this one before!
Damn. That would be fun. Then I could orgasm every time I see a spider!
my life would be one great big orgasm
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