What's the most annoying sex myth?

lovebites lovebites
Originally posted by Beck
They are all annoying, but I think the most annoying ones are "You can't get pregnant if..."
jryder3891 jryder3891
Originally posted by Lock
So many myths, so little knowledge. Which ones do you find the most ridiculous?
I hate the myths. Even if they dont apply to me
Rory Rory
So I shouldn't be looking for that guy with size 15 shoes????
Artishok Artishok
Women Don't Like Porn
Swish Swish
they are all pretty annoying, but some of them can be partly true and false, women like porn but I feel that some are just more picky.
debo debo
they are all annoying
SavingMyself SavingMyself
I answered all but the first one. Size does matter. Not to the extent people try to make it out to be, but it does. Also it's possible to be too big, just as it is to be too small. All the other ones are crap.
NarcissisticLust NarcissisticLust
Originally posted by Lock
So many myths, so little knowledge. Which ones do you find the most ridiculous?
The most annoying sex myth in my opinion is that anal sex causes bowel incontinence. Compared to other sexual acts, I feel anal has the most taboo attached.
skeeterlynn skeeterlynn
Size matters is boggus to an extent. I need to be able to feel it in me. So something that tiny just won't do. However, I'd rather have someone below average who knows how to use it than someone above average who can't.

My most annoying one is "you can't get pregnant having sex in the shower". Um, yeah, you can. ha. As well as baby sex outcome based off sex position.
aluminummm aluminummm
The most horrifying one I've encountered is the idea that people with vaginas cannot or seldom do contract STIs from other people with vaginas. On the worst date of my entire fucking life, this girl straight up admitted she had never been tested because she had never has sex with someone who had a penis and thus was not at risk. She legitimately believed this and was shocked when I told her otherwise. There was no second date.
Kiwi Green Kiwi Green
all suck but i think Pre-Marital Sex is Sinful is the stupidest one on there
Absinthe Absinthe
Hard choice but I went with "women don't like porn"
Speaking as a woman who watches and has made porn, it's a ridiculous notion to begin with. Porn isn't all men, so obviously some women had to like it to be a part of it. I'm not too private with my collection and guy friends have found it and gasped and all I can do is laugh. It's just ridiculous.
Also, most women who are AGAINST porn just haven't found THEIR porn. I just read an awesome article about a feminist who decided to stop going after porn that objectified women and made ones where the woman's satisfaction was of top priority. She went on to start making porn where it was real, just real sex and love making between people of all sexual orientations (although I suppose asexual should be left out of that general statement)
sexykiss sexykiss
i agree they are all annoying.
Aisling Aisling
There's SO MANY omg. "Premarital sex = sinful/bad" is pretty up there, along with basically any demonization of sexuality. Also how about the "the female orgasm is a myth" myth? Eurgh.
PepperPot PepperPot
I was told a different one the other day--that women can't have an orgasm without having their emotions stimulated, too. Pff.
junipersgame junipersgame
I hate the notion that any male who allows something to touch his ass has to be gay. Grrr...
Happenstance Happenstance
The most irritating and harmful sex myth is "It's supposed to hurt the first time." FUCK NO. I't never "supposed" to hurt. If it hurts, then fucking STOP, relax, and use more lube. Or just stop and do it some other time for fuck's sake. ALSO: The "hymen" DOES NOT EXIST. There is no barrier blocking the vagina. Look this shit up, seriously. There is NO WAY TO TELL if a person with a vagina has had sex before. Fucking myths... (I have strong feelings about this.)
Lavendar Lavendar
i hate them all
kristina0121 kristina0121
All of those are crazy and really annoying to see people's ignorance!
SepZet SepZet
Prematial is sinful. HAH. I know that relationships usually need sex to be successful. Who wants to get married before you know for sure if you are sexually compatible?
kolink kolink
All of those myths are annoying to me but these ones really irritate me:

Race determines penis size
Foot size determines penis size
Size matters
Premarital sex is sinful
Women don't like porn
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Anything sexist.
Creepellah Creepellah
I dislike all myths around sex.
Mrs.Tee Mrs.Tee
Originally posted by Lock
So many myths, so little knowledge. Which ones do you find the most ridiculous?
Pre marital sex myths, like this is not hte 1800's people have sex before marriage, you have to test drive the car before you buy it
RedKyuubi RedKyuubi
All of them
SneakersAndPearls SneakersAndPearls
The most annoying one to me is that all women can orgasm vaginally. I spent enough time feeling broken.
Abombadong Abombadong
all of them
chelly411 chelly411
I don't even know, they are all dumb
Luca77 Luca77
Mainly things about size. Very silly ~
quinceykay quinceykay
It bothers me when people say women don't really enjoy sex/porn, or believe that women are supposed to orgasm from vaginal penetration alone.
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