What's the most annoying sex myth?

kitcomet kitcomet
Originally posted by oneeyedoctopus
That a woman's first sex is supposed to hurt.
Yes! Or that your first sex will be terrible and you will cry because you'll be so full of ~emotion~... I think some of the best sex I ever had was when I lost my virginity, and it wasn't even with someone I was dating at that time.
alliegator alliegator
Saying women don't like porn is stupid. I'm a woman and I like porn. Porn includes a wide variety of media. Saying all women don't like porn as a whole denies them as sexual beings IMO.
LittleSecret LittleSecret
A "the condom doesn't fit!" option would be brilliant. If it "doesn't fit", run. Condoms are made to withstand quite a lot more than a penis. Don't believe me? Try putting your foot in one. Or better yet, your entire fist. Blow up the damn thing like a balloon if you must! (Which can actually be kinda fun...) If it breaks, it's not because the object is "too big", it's because it's old or dry and shouldn't have been used at all.
TiffanyW TiffanyW
They're all annoying but the premarital sex is the worst one.
Ayogirl230 Ayogirl230
honestly though? all of them.
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