For men: Do you prefer a woman who squirts or doesn't squirt?

Dairygirl8808 Dairygirl8808
Interested to see what men like from women.
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MrWill MrWill
Originally posted by Dairygirl8808
Interested to see what men like from women.
I prefer a squirter for sure, but it isn't a big deal either way to me.
married with children married with children
I love when my wife squirts. It is like a added bonus to the night.
Bubba29 Bubba29
never been with a woman that squirts but would love to. i cannot wait.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I've been with both - the same woman! For the first 20 years she didn't squirt - now she does and we both love it. It's never been so much fluid as to cause a problem - we call it gushing because it's more like a flood than an ejaculation.
Howley Howley
im curious but i feel it would get messy after a while
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