tigertiger tigertiger
i'm not 100% sure what the difference is, except that i've heard pansexuality includes attraction to transgender/genderquee r/intersex people while bisexuality doesn't. is that accurate? and who here identifies as one or the other?
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Ghost Ghost
Bisexuality assumes a "gender binary", where there are only two genders: male/female, and the person who is bisexual is attracted to both. Pansexuality assumes that gender exists as a continuum, where there is male and female, but everything in between.
TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
Elnoa is completely correct. When people ask I identify myself as bisexual mostly because that is what people understand. If I am with people who understand the meaning behind pansexuality I will say that and inwardly identify as pansexual.
TheParrishism TheParrishism
I think it depends on the individual, but the two can be interchangable in many ways. One is just a little more 'politically correct.'
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