Coming Out Stories

smashthepatriarchy smashthepatriarchy
Did you come out to parents, family, or friends? Did you get any weird reactions?
I'd love some stories. I have only "come out" to my partner and my friends and they are all queer so they didn't really care.
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pix pix
I have come out to my partner and two close friends. I don't really have any funny stories, but each person I told has been very accepting, gave me a hug, and hasn't treated me any differently. I hope maybe it will be encouraging for some people considering coming out to hear that it doesn't always end in tears or misunderstandings.
SouthernBelle SouthernBelle
I have come out to most people I am close to. All of my best friends know, my partner (obvs), my family, and a lot of random strangers from my university are all aware of it too. I told my friends... and I planned to wait until it was necessary to come out to my parents (but they asked me first!). I haven't really had any bad experiences with coming out.. I generally approach it as a matter of fact thing.
britanny0620 britanny0620
I never really had to officially come out, everyone pretty much knew. I never his it to begin with. I did "come out" to my mom once, but she just laughed it off because: like I said, I didn't hide it.
Mitzuki Mitzuki
All of my friends just knew, so I didn't need to tell them, lol. My mom was a little surprised, but not much. After I was born, she came out to the family. They very much rejected her because of it, for a long while. Except her mother, my grandmother. I told them both and they were actually really cool with it. The rest of my family has no idea because I fear rejection.
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