Dating Straight People

Billie Bones Billie Bones
I've gotten fed up with trying to date straight men. I alway end up spending way too much time trying to explain things about my identities and dealing with bi/homophobia. Any other bi folks avoid dating straight people?
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RonLee RonLee
I'm partnered now so pretty much out of the dating pool. But it is easier to deal with being bi with another bi person than a homophobic straight person. Although I've also had some pushback about being bi from gay guys too.
matbug matbug
I totally get what you mean. I hardly ever date straight people anymore for that same reason. I generally just date within the queer community. I find it a lot better, more supportive, and less likely to get bigotry from within the community.
friendswithfangs friendswithfangs
it's honestly hard even just being friends with straight people at this point. just so obliviously blinded by privilege to any and all nuance of sexuality and identity. can't waste my time explainin' shit to these people.
granted there are still plenty of ignorant people in the queer community too!
but still a bit easier there.
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
I'm a bisexual female and my boyfriend is bisexual. It's been an interesting thing to deal with because I've never before identified as being bisexual, so being with someone else who identifies the same way is different.

What's been hard though is he's had a lot of issues with admitting that he's attracted to men because of the type of homophobia he grew up around. He feels so wonderful around me because I'm so open to it. He's okay with me being attracted to both sexes and I am okay with it in him, too.
anyankaleigh anyankaleigh
I'm a bi girl dating a straight man! He's my first boyfriend, my other relationships have all been with lesbians.

I have to say that he's an incredibly wonderful and supportive partner, but I think he's kind of the exception that proves the rule. I have few straight male friends, and I can't think of a single straight guy I know, other than him, that I'd be willing to date. So yeah, totally understand your frustration.
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