Ladies. <3

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Ladies. <3

DeeDaw DeeDaw
What do you find most attractive about the women you find appealing?
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FleurDevereux FleurDevereux
The most attractive thing about anyone I find appealing is an open, friendly, outgoing personality to someone who is not judgemental at all.
BlackxxxRose BlackxxxRose
If I'm being shallow, their lips and eyes. If I'm looking for someone I'm compatable with then chemistry, lots of stuff in common and someone who likes to have fun.
LuciFaery LuciFaery
Honestly, I look for women that aren't twigs. I don't like extremely skinny women. I know some of them just have high metabolisms/genetics/e tc that make them skinny, but the ones that starve themselves...Ugh. I like a woman who looks healthy! But more than that, I need to be with someone who is open and comfortable with being out in public with another woman. I simply can't stand restraining myself (Not meaning I'm going to start eating her out on the restaurant table, of course) but I need to be able to be myself at all times.

More the physical side, I do like really big boobs, but I also have such a fascination for small boobs. Long hair definitely a favourite of mine, dark and wavy~ <3 There are things I prefer, but I don't think I'd turn someone down based on looks alone, there are more important things.
Chaotic Rantings Chaotic Rantings
Shallow answer would be eyes, lips, long hair and a smaller size in the breast area
Compatible would be someone who is shares in my sense of humor, someone intelligent, and someone who shares my likes
RosesThorns RosesThorns
The shallow answer is curves, eyes and red heads lol

The other side of that is, a good sense of humor, someone who is as smart as I am or smarter, likes to just hang out and bullshit. Stuff like that.
Sieglinde Sieglinde
With both women and men I like someone who has similar interests to me, is friendly and clicks with me on a basic level of friendship, has a good sense of humor. I can't deal with someone whose intelligence is drastically below mine, and I absolutely cannot deal with someone who doesn't love animals. People who are open minded are attractive to me, and a willingness to travel is more or less a must. Speaking foreign languages is a huge bonus, especially German.

On the shallow spectrum, I like curvy women. I like breasts of any size, but bigger is definitely a plus so long as it's proportional with the rest of the woman's body. Nice hips and legs are always a bonus, too. Also I have a thing for girls with glasses.
Tasty Latina Tasty Latina
Originally posted by DeeDaw
What do you find most attractive about the women you find appealing?
Just the way she carries her self. Have the naughty look and smile, behaving like a lady but at the same time letting know that she can be a freak.
CutiePatootie CutiePatootie
I would say any number of things about another girl could turn me on, but I'm the same way with guys. If you had to nail down my "type" it's definitely thin to hour-glass shaped blondes that dress well or trendy, are very femme and have kissable lips and small to just over a handful breasts. But that's not hard and fast.
AmberM AmberM
I'm A very Outgoing Confident woman most of the time, so i like somebody who can carry herself as i do, but can also be submissive in the bedroom. I also have a thing for boobies and eyes.. heh.
PassionCpl PassionCpl
Eyes, smile and a slightly flirty personality
Sex'и'Violence Sex'и'Violence
Vanille Vanille
Personality first and foremost definitely and then it's her breasts, ass and her face. I have a tendency to love boobs that are bigger than mine, and Master's are fabulous. unf.
freshbananas freshbananas
Originally posted by DeeDaw
What do you find most attractive about the women you find appealing?
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