Thoughts on an open relationship

bdan bdan
I'm married and bi. We have a open door policy. I can be with other women. My husband is not bi so other men are not in the picture. Should he be allowed to be with other women? What is every bodies thoughts on open door policies.
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Taylor Taylor
In my opinion it is kind of unfair for one partner to be allowed to be with others, and the other not to. I would say that he should be allowed to also, or that you guys should be with the other woman together, but then again I am not in the relationship and don't know the whole story.
KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
I think that it is unfair to limit anything, but that is just my opinion. You guys have to do what works and feels right for you. Does he want to be with others? Do you feel comfortable? Do you think that just playing with others together is what will work best?
SMichelle SMichelle
It depends on how your individual relationship works. For me, both things need to be even for both partners. I have the right to be with other men and women, so my partner has the right to be with other women (or other men, should he ever decide that he wants to experiment).
CutiePatootie CutiePatootie
We had to keep it narrowed down to threesomes, which is more difficult to find a 3rd partner, but it does happen, and sometimes for a long period of time.
I would say if you're comfortable, he should be able to be with other women if you're getting with other women. But, figure out what works best for you with lots of talking.
bdan bdan
I see that it is one sided. He says he looks at it like he can't give me what women has so it's okay. If he wanted to be with guys I wouldn't mind. I'm just selfish I guess. we have had a threesome and it was fun as it was happening but after it was bad. I was not ready for it. I still think its unfair so I'm going to work on my issues and make it better. thanks everyone for the comments.
WhoopieDoo WhoopieDoo
He should be "allowed" to do whatever you two agree is okay....if he is poly tolerant (fine with you being with others while he remains monogamous to you), that's fine too. Just keep the lines of communication open. That's what's most important.
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