When did you come out of the closet?

Chelle Love Chelle Love
Whether you are bi, gay, lesbian, or even just curious... Have you come out of the closet and when?
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Chelle Love Chelle Love
Originally posted by Chelle Love
Whether you are bi, gay, lesbian, or even just curious... Have you come out of the closet and when?
In response to my own post, which I should have done when I had posted, oops... Lol... I am bisexual, I was curious as a child but truly knew at the age of 15, I came out of the closet to my mother right after my first divorce at 26, and suprisingly, she had already known... I guess I never hid my nudie magazines well enough... Lol... My parents and family accept me for who I am, and If I ever decide to fully go lesbian, I know they would accept me just as much...
hjtee hjtee
I came out to myself around 12 or 13, then to my friends at 14 (I think) and family at 15. I've only ever had serious 'coming out' issues with my friends parents, and the occasional cousin. No harsh outing stories here.
Mitzuki Mitzuki
When I realized I was bisexual, I was about 13 or so. I thought it was wrong (being raised in a strict catholic house does that to you, I guess), so I suppressed it and ignored it. At 15 I came out to my closest friends and got my first girlfriend. I came out to my mom and grandmother at 15, and the rest of my family still has no idea.
aluminummm aluminummm
I recognized I was attracted to women and gender variant folks very early on in my life, but I suppressed that out of fear of backlash from my very Catholic, conservative, Cuban family. I was also in some pretty awful, abusive relationships with homophobic cis-het dudes, and that suppressed my desire to come out or even think about my sexuality. I didn't come out fully to myself or to other people until I was 22. I did get backlash from my family, but I'm lucky in that it eventually blew over.
himynameissteph himynameissteph
Myself, probably around 12. Started coming out to friends gradually. I'm 21 now and have only recently been telling more of my family and coworkers.
Alyxx Alyxx
I'm bisexual, and while pretty much all of my friends have known since I was 14 or so, my family doesn't know. I think my mom has her suspicions, and I don't think she would mind, as evidenced by a few hilarious conversation about a lesbian friend of mine back in high school ( "I think So-and-so's gay, and I think she likes you! Is there anything you want to tell me?" and then making a point that we should definitely be sharing my bed when she spent a week at our house because "the floor's so hard") but I haven't came out to her because she has made comments in the past about how she doesn't think bisexuality exists. She is of the opinion that people are gay or straight, and anyone who claims to be bisexual is just "confused" so I've just left her to draw her own conclusions.
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