Best way to work out while having sex?

Asher Asher
Hey guys!

Everyone wants to look and feel better about themselves...and I can't think of anything more fun to get in shape than sex! So...what are your favourite positions/acts that can help exert you have a fav or for the arms? Lemme know!! Personally I like holding my girl up against the wall...really uses my arms
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My wife gets a pretty good work out when she's in the cowgirl position - especially when she modifies it by squatting on her feet instead of her knees. Be careful if you have bad knees - the deep squats are real thigh burners and weak knees can buckle!
PrincessYagami PrincessYagami
Cowgirl position is definitely a workout.
TheParrishism TheParrishism
Voir Voir
I like Cowgirl and Doggie, also wall sex is pretty amazing too but I've not been able to try a great many positions so there aren't really many to choose from
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