Do you like the term "gold star"?

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Do you like the term "gold star"?

Happenstance Happenstance
I don't like it because it's homophobic and sex-negative.
Falsepast Falsepast
First time I've ever heard of this and dont really care about it.
bdan bdan
I have never heard of this.
SecretKinksters SecretKinksters
Originally posted by AngelvMaynard
I've never heard the term. Can't decide if I like it or not.
Same here.
zz1aag zz1aag
Originally posted by CherryDyke
Gold star: A woman or man who has never had sex with someone of the opposite gender.

I'm not asking if you have a problem with people who FIT this category, but if the uses THIS specific term for it worries you and why.
i love the concept
AnotherBrother AnotherBrother
Originally posted by SMichelle
That's the first time I've ever heard that term, and I don't really care for it.
I don't particularly like it, either. It's nice to have a word for this, but making it sound like an accomplishment is a little much. After all, we all have our own roads to discovery and what sexes/genders are involved shouldn't be rewarded or penalized.
spineyogurt spineyogurt
Never heard it
Tork48309 Tork48309
Originally posted by emiliaa
I hate that term more than anything in the fucking world.

I used to be a 'gold star' bisexual. I then got curious about men and just fucked a guy. And if any hoity toity bitch gives a shit they can go fuck themselves.
Hah! Good Answer!
Supervixen Supervixen
I've never even heard this term. Seems silly.
smlove smlove
I knew a "Gold Star" lesbian. It's funny though, cause she's 'straight' now.
The way I figured it is, if there are plenty of people who start out thinking they're hetero and then sleep with a person or two and realize they're gay, then there have to be at least a few people who start out thinking they're gay and then realize their hetero.
Granted, the Kinsey scale says no one is really 100% straight or gay, we're all something in between.
But being proud of never having slept with the opposite gender is just as silly as being proud of never having had a gay experience.
jr2012 jr2012
I have never heard of that term before!
Supervixen Supervixen
Yeah, I don't really like the "it's an achievement!" suggestion that the term has. People should really own their sexuality and their sexual experiences, not use them as points to put them into neat little categories. It's not an "us vs. them" or "gay vs. straight" competition. Your sexual experiences are your own, and how you identify is your business.

But mostly, it just seems like a silly joke of a term. I hope people take it that way.
hanjonatan hanjonatan
no, it's ridiculous for so many reasons.
RonLee RonLee
There is so much stress associated with regular everyday life and additional negativity thrown at us from the intolerant wackos out there. Why should we be negative about this "gold star" thing? If it adds some positive feeling to those of us who identify as gold star, great! It does not detract from me for him or her to feel better about themselves.
I have no problem with it at all.
Innocent Mathias Innocent Mathias
i dont mind
TransGuy14 TransGuy14
I don't see the point in it.
KittyGoesRawr KittyGoesRawr
Not terribly wild about it, per say... It comes across as "I'm more lesbiany than you 'cause I'm a Gold Star" Like some kind of personal pedestal of sorts. By definition, I'd be a Gold Star, but it has nothing to do with my sexuality. I haven't encountered that time when I'm ready lose my virginity yet, both physically and emotionally, and guess what? I just so happened to figure myself out before it's happened. So I get a shiny gold star, regardless of if I worked to earn it- as per my personal interpretation- or just so happen to be a lesbian virgin.
On the upside, I like shiny things...
TheirPet TheirPet
I honestly don't care about it but it seems a bit bitter and condescending when I hear others use it so I tend not to like it.
jfree jfree
Originally posted by Rawhide
I'm not fond of this term.

I have no problem with people who have had exclusively homosexual experiences, and I see no harm if they want to tell others about that part of their history.

However, the term "gold star" is ...
Basically everything in this post right here why I dislike the term. It's a rather silly pissing contest, imo.
Robespierrethecat Robespierrethecat
It bothers me because it implies that it's a good thing if you've never had sex with someone of the opposite sex. And that it's bad if you have. I just think it's really binarist and a little discriminatory against people who have experimented more or are queer/pan/bi. And that's not cool.
FrustratedFemme FrustratedFemme
I like the term gold star, although that might have something to do with the fact that I'm a gold star. I think of it as a humorous term, and the only people I've ever met who actually take it seriously are the people who have a huge problem with it. It's supposed to be funny, like the term u-hauling.
DaniDeee DaniDeee
It doesn't really bother me but I know a lot of people don't like it. I don't think anyone who is not a "gold star" are less than the individuals who are.
femmepwr femmepwr
I don't like it because it makes a hierarchy of who is "more lesbian." And past behavior really doesn't say anything about someone's identity-- I could be considered a gold star, but identify as queer/bi/pan.
ginnyluvspotter ginnyluvspotter
Never heard of it before.
katat katat
I dislike it a lot. It implies that anyone who has had sex with someone who is not the same gender is less than.
Cat E. Cat E.
I've never heard the term before and don't understand it.
Trixxxy Trixxxy
Mehh who cares? >.> Seems like a dumb term to me.
damnbul12 damnbul12
Originally posted by CherryDyke
Gold star: A woman or man who has never had sex with someone of the opposite gender.

I'm not asking if you have a problem with people who FIT this category, but if the uses THIS specific term for it worries you and why.
nope does not worry me
Rainbows Rainbows
I've heard it and I don't like it. It doesn't matter what someone's sexual history is. People should do whatever makes them happy and identify as whatever they feel, regardless of their history.
charmedtomeetyou charmedtomeetyou
Never heard of it....and it does seem to have a certain Dr. Suess Star bellied sneetches quality to it......
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