Do you practice safer lesbian sex?

FrustratedFemme FrustratedFemme
So, how many of you practice safer lesbian sex, and when you do, how do you like to do it?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Dental dams
Unlubed condoms on shared sex toys
Only engaging in low-risk activities
Latex gloves
Never sharing sex toys
I'm straight
I don't use safer sex methods (no judgement! you do you!)
Total votes: 25 (19 voters)
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Hipposterous Hipposterous
As embarrassing as it is to say, I don't use safe sex methods with women. Sometimes I do but more on accident than actually thinking about it. I'm allergic to a lot of toys so condoms tend to be used on the toys... but most times I've engaged in lesbian sex, I wasn't really expecting to, so I wasn't prepared to have safe sex.

When I move to New Orleans I intend on exploring that side of my sexuality a bit more, though, and I definitely intend on stocking up and practicing safe sex then.
twelve13 twelve13
I actually did not use safer sex methods when sleeping when women. Bad me.
marshmallow marshmallow
No, I don't. I have a longterm partner and we've both been tested.
FrustratedFemme FrustratedFemme
I have yet to meet a lesbian who has actually used a dental dam. I've never even personally seen a dental dam. It's a little embarrassing when I think about it.
xcris19x xcris19x
I tried to use a dental dam once... I really- REALLY dont suggest it...
nori nori
I've used lubed condoms on toys, but that's it.
HannahPanda HannahPanda
I just make sure I've been tested and my partner. Dental dams and such just kind of.. turn me off.
Xxtahcey Xxtahcey
I've Always gotten tested with my girlfriends before having sex but i feel like if you're gonna have sex with multiple people then you should use all of the above, its only right
matbug matbug
Isn't oral and fingering still fairly "low risk" activities though? Even "unprotected"?
friendswithfangs friendswithfangs
i'm in a committed relationship, so no. but the whole idea of dental dams and such is a pretty big turn off, i'd rather just not do anything at all :\
icelandia icelandia
I'm in a committed relationship now, however before I always practiced safer sex with my lady partners
reknit reknit
Rarely. Sometimes condoms...depends who i'm with.
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