How do you tell others you're gay?

GirlinDaCorner GirlinDaCorner
Is it just a casual mention in a conversation or do you have to go all out and flat out tell people how flaming you are?
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butts butts
People are usually intensely confused about what I am, I usually just say "I'm a gay guy" eventually because most people end up asking. As a gay transsexual, I understand it's confusing for some people, but usually it's no big deal.
doowop doowop
I come out to anyone and everyone, but I mostly keep that info away from strange men for safety reasons.
FlashFuchsia FlashFuchsia
I introduce my self by saying "Hi my name is FlashFuchsia and I'm gay". If they ask, I'll answer them honestly. If they don't, then it's not my problem.
It entirely depends on what people see me as. Most people who are super close to me know it already. I mean, I'm flaming as hell. People who don't know me that well, well... I just wait for them to figure it out from listening to me talk about people I'm interested in, etc.
Ilmenskie Ilmenskie
It's something I'm very casual about. Thankfully my friend group is mostly non-straight people and my boyfriend is with me a lot so people's first meetings with me in casual settings usually include them knowing I'm in a homosexual relationship but I've never really felt like I need to "come out" to people unless they assume I'm straight where I'll correct them.
I don't usually go out and say that I'm gay/bi/pan/whatever. I'll just drop stuff in conversation. Like if we're talking about getting gifts for Christmas, I'll say, "Hey, did you like your kindle? I'm thinking of getting one for my girlfriend." Stuff like that. People sometimes give me funny looks at first, but I've never had anyone stop conversations. So yeah, I just put it out there, without actually saying, "Well, I'm so-and-so, and I'm gay."
britanny0620 britanny0620
I don't generally have to tell people, they either assume or find out from conversation.
J Peach J Peach
I don't go out of my way to tell anyone. If it comes up in conversation I just say that I have a girlfriend.
charletnarouh charletnarouh
Depends on the person, but mostly i just let it come out in conversation that i'm in a relationship with a woman and most people figure it out or some will ask for clarification at that point. When i initially came out i had to explain it to some people who had known me before i figured it out myself, but people i meet since then just tend to find out in the course of normal "getting to know you" business. i tend to keep it on the DL with most of my clients just because i don't want to affect my boss' business adversely but i don't super stress about it. Some people just assume "girlfriend" means a girl who is a friend and i don't bother to correct them unless they ask. Coworkers, friends, family, etc. all know. i don't announce it to the lady ringing up my groceries or anything.
bog bog
Originally posted by GirlinDaCorner
Is it just a casual mention in a conversation or do you have to go all out and flat out tell people how flaming you are?
If they are a stranger, I wait for something to come up, normally, depending on the situation. If the person is visibly queer, I might mention it sooner. Every one of my friends knows I'm queer.
sunflower sunflower
Originally posted by GirlinDaCorner
Is it just a casual mention in a conversation or do you have to go all out and flat out tell people how flaming you are?
Casual mentions when getting to know new people. A lot of people pick up "that vibe" from me already so it's ok.
Tangerine Tangerine
I don't unless they ask. In conversation people assume I have husband, if I don't know them I correct them by saying "my person" they eventually catch on and then when they ask me directly I answer them directly. I just don't come at them pride flag blazing'
Just as I would prefer people be respectful to me I would also like to return the favor buy not shoving my gayness down their throat. Now if they chose to be nasty with me I call them out on it and move on with my life. Note to self: THAT person you may not waste you energy on.
SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
The only time it is ever a topic is when I find myself in a conversation either regarding human sexuality or equal rights. I don't go around shouting "Hello,I am a bigender pansexual. What are you." lol
VAl0984 VAl0984
Originally posted by GirlinDaCorner
Is it just a casual mention in a conversation or do you have to go all out and flat out tell people how flaming you are?
Well my image doesn't raise curiosity as people see me as butch but I tell people that Im a trans-man (transgendered) I know its a bit off the topic but just in case I like to let people know who I am, and that im proud of it.
Glinteye Glinteye
As a fairly femme female people often assume I'm straight, but I'm very open about my sexuality (I identify as queer).
RonLee RonLee
How do you tell others you're gay? Pretty much only on a "need to know" basis.

I suspect that I'm much older than the majority of the people who've replied to your thread, GirlinDaCorner. So I guess it may make sense that I'm just a bit more circumspect with whom I share that part of my life to. Since I am also relatively "straight acting", some acquaintances, believing that I would feel the way they did, shared with me their homophobic feelings. I then got the opportunity to "set them straight"...
I have thus been able to, I hope anyway, turn a few haters into allies.
CinnamonNights CinnamonNights
I'm technically not "gay" so to say, but as a pansexual who leans strongly towards women I'm still not fully straight. I generally don't tell people about my sexuality. I do like to subtly wear things that are very gentle in gay tones then sorta increase in strength the more comfortable I am that the people around me aren't gonna try to burn me like a witch. (never outside walking down a street, but at home/classroom settings/ect places that seem more safe and easy to manage.)

I wear a pair of rainbow flag earrings, which are pretty hard to notice unless if my hair is pulled back: which I think when seen they can quietly either be taken as "I'm gay" , "I'm an ally", or just "I'm a girl that likes colors" depending the person. I also have shirts that are more clearly supportive of the different sexualities which I wear only if I'm feeling very bold in a safe seeming environment. Lastly if I just feel the person I'm talking to is entirely okay with it then I'll just straight up tell them I like girls.
BusyReading BusyReading
I made a huge deal out of it at first, with dramatic announcements and the like (I was a dramatic teenager, okay?) but now I just act like everyone knows. If someone acts surprised, I'll casually explain.
Live-love-laugh Live-love-laugh
I will often causally make some comment, if I feel it is necessary to mention. I have also been asked, and many people assume. I don't really make it a big deal though.
Kitten has left the site Kitten has left the site
If someone asks I tell them that I'm pansexual (normally I have to explain what that is) and if they don't like it, I tell them that it doesn't make a difference to who I am as a person, it's only my sexuality.
Course this shocks people now when they realize I'm married to a man and now have had his baby.
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