In a committed relationship...

ginainohio ginainohio
do u think its ok to bring in a 3rd party
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Zombirella Zombirella
No, but that is just me. If you have a partner that is open for that then you can take the risk. It works for some people but I don't like to share many things, my man being one of them. And I would never feel comfortable being with someone else while I'm in a relationship.
vitriolicvertigo vitriolicvertigo
If you and your partner have communicated about it and are comfortable with it, give it a try! Just make sure you find a 3rd person that works for everyone involved.
Nice to Eat you Nice to Eat you
we're together 20 years this month, we feel young at heart, and look pretty great too. The point is, we do add people into our bedroom time occasionally and it work out really well. You need to be selfless and want to see everyone having a awesome time. It's made us closer...odd, isn't it?
Beck Beck
As long as it is agreed upon.
js250 js250
I think that is up to the two people in the relationship. It does work for some couples, but I have known many couples that split up afterwards.
britanny0620 britanny0620
Bring in a third party...into the relationship (as in one or both of you would also be dating them) or into the bedroom (just a sexual thing?)
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