Lesbians dating "out" Bi or Pan women

charletnarouh charletnarouh
Many lesbians have an aversion to dating Bi or Pan women due to the fear of being left for a man, cheated on, etc.
If you are a lesbian of this mindset, if they are "out" of the closet to family, friends, work as Bi or Pan, does this change your mind at all?
If you are a lesbian who is open to dating Bi or Pan girls, please discuss your reasoning and how their "out-ness" affects your decision to date them.
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Ciao. Ciao.
I find those who refuse to date bi/pan folks (whether they are straight, gay, lesbian, etc.) to be pretty condescending. I can understand wanting to only date those that are out, especially if you have no interest in hiding your relationship from anyone. But bi/pan people are no more/less likely to leave or cheat in a fulfilling relationship than anyone else.
J Peach J Peach
I would absolutely date a bisexual or pansexual female. There comes a point when maturity trumps preference, but I know lesbians who won't date these types of girls. Of course there's a fear of being left for a man, but there's the fear of being left for a woman in a lesbian relationship. All in all, it comes down to how strongly you feel about the person you're getting into a relationship with.
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