Mixed Orientation Marriages

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I know full well and good that I'm not alone here.

I'm in, what is referred to by professionals as, a Mixed Orientation Marriage. I identify as Queer. My husband is straight.

Who else? Was this hard for you or your spouse to learn to accept? How do you make it work? Any advice for someone who is struggling? Are you mono or poly?
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Tidwtrguy Tidwtrguy
I am the not-straight one and my wife is heteroflexible (bi-curious). There were some serious challenges and things to learn along the way but I have been out to my wife for about 4 years now and we are still going strong together. No relationship is perfect and MOM's have some added difficulties due to sexual issues. Sex, intimacy and physical attraction are important parts of any relationship, but we also learned that relationships are more than those components too. We still have good days and bad days but we are open with each other and discuss things as best we can. I guess you could say we are poly, but nothing in life is permanent and things still change, particularly when it comes to sex.
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