What does it mean to be butch?

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What does it mean to be butch?

Kkay Kkay
Does anyone have recommendations for books or articles or blogs or really anything that talks about being butch? I want to learn more, but I'm not sure where to really start.

Personal experience/etc also very much welcome.
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CamelliaGirl CamelliaGirl
DapperQ is great. I look at it when I don't have enough butches in my life.

And so many recent US poet laureates have been butches, like Kay Ryan, look at the list of poet laureates for serious.
Rawhide Rawhide
Butch is many things to many people. For reference materials, you can start with "Butch is a Noun" by S. Bear Bergman.

For me, being a butch is a part of my gender identity. I'm a female with masculine traits that extend to all parts of my life. I live and dress in the ways that suit me, and those ways happen to be associated more with men in general society.
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