What is the most important current LGBT issue for you?

marshmallow marshmallow
Hi y'all! I took a survey on HRC about this and I was curious to know what other people thought.
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1  (3%)
Protecting LGBT youth/Anti-bullying
meezerosity , Ryuson , Peggi , kendra30752 , namelesschaos , Jewlickah , AnnRob , xlustlovex , Llahsram , Badass , ginainohio , neffingnuts , Terri69 , SouthernBelle , britanny0620 , friendswithfangs , toxie m , Youssii , vitriolicvertigo , liten , DarthTaco , nori , sexykiss , EdenUser , marshmallow , Willow Wand
26  (81%)
Repealing DOMA
1  (3%)
Ending workplace discrimination
DeliciousSurprise , ghalik , GONE! , thegoldilocksincident
4  (12%)
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palindromic palindromic
Of the ones posted, protecting LGBT youth and ending workplace discrimination are highest on my list. Recognition and protection of trans* folks specifically is a big one that isn't often touched upon (some of my fellow cis folks tend to forget the "T" in "LGBT").

Marriage in general isn't the biggest issue for me, but I do recognize that it is a major deal for many people, especially considering the 1,400+ rights and benefits conferred onto spouses upon marriage.
meezerosity meezerosity
Protecting the LGBTQ+ youth community. There is the highest suicide rate among LGBTQ+ teens. The rest of the issues will come to pass later. I have faith that gay marriage will be accepted eventually, considering the US used to forbid interracial marriage.
vitriolicvertigo vitriolicvertigo
Making sure that it's safe for us to exist, especially trans* folks (since we, especially transfeminine folks, are more likely to be murdered).
Marriage can come after we're not scared of dying anymore.
ghalik ghalik
I think violent crimes would be my #1, but after that probably workplace and school discrimination.
Peggi Peggi
Bullying and workplace are two that are close to heart for me. While marriage is certainly important, bullying can lead to suicide and other, terrible things. Workplace means little or NO income because some work places will fire you (even if they have to WORK to find a reason) and that can be pretty bad too!

I chose "bullying" though, because I think that workplace discrimination CAN be gotten around, as terrible as it is to have to do. I've done it before and many of my friends have as well. No, it isn't fair, but if I had to choose just ONE thing to fix FIRST, I'd say end bullying!
kendra30752 kendra30752
Originally posted by marshmallow
Hi y'all! I took a survey on HRC about this and I was curious to know what other people thought.
I care about bullying IN GENERAL. BULLYING IS BULLYING. IT DOES NOT ONLY HAPPEN TO GAYS! Bullying is one of the main things I see the group I'm involved with is struggling with reducing.. But it seems not everyone knows that bullying is horrible and painful NO MATTER WHAT or WHO you are. NO bullying should be tolerated. PERIOD. It should not be segregated into "gay bullying." "Female bullying" and the like. It's all bullying.
Beck Beck
Originally posted by kendra30752
I care about bullying IN GENERAL. BULLYING IS BULLYING. IT DOES NOT ONLY HAPPEN TO GAYS! Bullying is one of the main things I see the group I'm involved with is struggling with reducing.. But it seems not everyone knows that bullying is horrible ...
I agree with this. Bullying doesn't only effect gays. While it's important to help stop bullying toward LGBT it's also important to help stop bullying in general. It shouldn't be separated. Bullying is bullying.

I think the biggest LBGT issue is civil rights. That covers all the above except for bullying issue which should be a general issue for everyone. Civil rights should be for everyone, not just those the law picks and chooses.
Badass Badass
I think the biggest issue at the moment is protecting the youth. While gay folks are not the only ones being bullied, I think it is worse when you are being bullied for being who you are.
ginainohio ginainohio
I think its our youth as well we need to teach them acceptance of others no matter what.
neffingnuts neffingnuts
For me it's the ridiculous discrimination of trans* women (especially those of color) by policemen and how trans* people are waaaayyyyy more likely to have an income of $10,000 a year or less then the general public.
Terri69 Terri69
I think there should be more protection for gay teens
Kitka Kitka
All of the above!
SouthernBelle SouthernBelle
I said bullying, but like Kendra said bullying is bad no matter who it is against. I love how many resources are popping up to help LGBT youth understand and accept themselves, protect them from discrimination, and encourage them to live full lives. I think it's important to support these resources. The other rights will come... some of them hand in hand with protecting the youth and educating others about LGBT issues through these programs.
RonLee RonLee
For me personally, repealing DOMA. That would open up Married Filing Jointly on taxes as well as a multitude of other benefits.
vegweg vegweg
I have to say, I really think legalizing marriage is my most important issue. DOMA would HAVE to repealed for that to happen, but there's no guarantee that repealing DOMA would mean marriage equality. Workplace discrimination would also have to become less overt if the government recognizes the rights of same sex partners. Sure, it may happen, but if a boss is determined to get rid of an employee, for whatever reason, they'll find a way. I just feel that they'd be less likely to if it were on the books as a legally protected status. And, as far as bullying... kids bully. There's no way around that. I remember anti-bullying campaigns when I was in elementary school and I'm 20 years old. If it's still happening this often after this long with programs meant to stop it, clearly there's something wrong. Kids are going to be the ones to stop other kids from bullying. Think about yourself in middle school or high school..a classmate telling you what you just did was wrong is far more likely to make an impact than a lecture from a teacher, school official, parent, or professional speaker. Besides, if marriage equality existed, being gay would eventually stop being such a stigma in the first place.
I say workplace discrimination. If bullied kids don't even have a good career or anything to look forward to, all the protection in the world isn't going to give them a life worth living.
nori nori
I think protecting lgbt rights should be its own catagory.
right to.. yknow, work wherever they want, use bathroom, prevent bullying.

so basically, all of them. This is difficult to choose.
sexykiss sexykiss
all of them
g- g-
Marriage and fair adoption rights!!
EdenUser EdenUser
I'm not completely sure honestly.
spineyogurt spineyogurt
I wasnt even aware
Willow Wand Willow Wand
Violence issues first if I had to choose.
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