What style in clothing, do you prefer a butch women to wear, that is a soft butch?

artist-eyes artist-eyes
I am a soft butch an dI puffer a style in clothing that fits me right. I enjoy to wear artistic t-shirt and paints that fit me just right, but loss. Everything I wear is men clothing.
I wanted to start a post seeing, what other women liked in their style of women, for a soft butch if your daring them?
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baggy jeans, t-shirt with design's, Any kind of hat, army boots,skate bordering shoes, belt
a dress tie, Dress shirt,dress belt, under shirt.. under dress shirt, dark blue jeans faded, dress shoes
Card hart jacket, baggy faded jeans, plain t-shirt, boots that are tan, a belt,
skinny jeans, skate boring shoes, designed t-shirt, dc skate boarding hat, belt
Faded jeans baggy, apt 9 t shirt, belt, gold nickels, and dress shoes
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artist-eyes artist-eyes
nobody ?
charletnarouh charletnarouh
i really don't have preferences as specific as your options. i am most attracted to a woman who is comfortable in her skin and wearing clothing that make her feel comfortable and confident. She will appear sexiest when she feels sexy. She should be dressed according to her style and what makes her feel best, not what someone else likes. The women i've dated, and none of them could really be classified as femme, have all had their unique style and been most attractive when they dressed according to their style. In general, i prefer a sense of style that conveys pride of self, clothing that is clean, fits well, in good repair, is coordinated/matching, etc. Avoid clashing colors or patterns, poor fit, stains, holes, wrinkles, etc.
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