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Anybody have any helpful reviews /tips on binders? Anybody have a bad experience with underworks?
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Well, I have two Underworks binders and I don't like them that much because of the sizing. I'm between a small and a medium so while the medium one doesn't keep me as effectively flat and the small looks great, the small is way too uncomfortable to wear on a regular basis.
TheParrishism TheParrishism
I have used Underworks and T-kingdom and I like my underworks one much better than the ones from t-kingdom.
jesseftm jesseftm
I wear the Extreme Chest Concealer from Underworks and I love it. It's the most comfortable and effective binder I've ever worn and I wore the Tri Top for the past 6 years and I've tried some from T-Kingdom as well as a strapless Juya binder (I think)
Willowe Willowe
I wear Underworks style 988 and absolutely love it! It's full-length, but the compression material is only at the top so it's a lot easier to breath in. My only complaint is that the edge of the compression material sometimes digs into my ribs if I'm bent over working on something for awhile, and the sizing can be difficult to figure out. I'd suggest measuring yourself a couple of different times, and when in doubt go with the larger size so you don't run into issues with breathing or damaging your chest too much.
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