FTM - Any luck with different toys?

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FTM - Any luck with different toys?

Boyqueen Boyqueen
I just got a Mega Mite in the mail today, ecstatic to try it out. I thought it'd make it easier to get off on my own (only way I'm getting off these days). To my dismay it didn't. It just... couldn't It wasn't until I pretended to be jacking off that I could finally finish. I feel kind of broken. Like having an orgasm should be easier than this, but I'm having a hard time.
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butts butts
Maybe try a Feeldoe Realdoe link, they vibrate and stimulate the g-spot (or call it your prostate if that makes you less dysphoric!), you could jack off "male style" while it stimulates your female parts? Sounds like it might work really well for you!

if you need stronger vibrations, you can take the bullet out and get a more powerful one. You could even put a vibrating cock ring on it for extra stimulation :0
charletnarouh charletnarouh
I second the Feeldoe option. I'm female bodied and identified so I can't really speak with any personal experience about the dysphoria, but I personally really enjoy masturbating with a Feeldoe just for the sensations. It's pretty unique among toys I've tried. I initially bought it to use with a partner but ended up using it solo more than I used it with my partner! The vibes that come with them aren't that great, but there are better bullets you could replace it with. And, bonus, it's usable with a partner when you have one.
Boyqueen Boyqueen
I never would've thought of that, but that sounds downright awesome. Thanks!
Asher Asher
Also the "share" has a thicker bulb for your g-spot/prostate...I like to use it for jacking off more than a feeldoe.
eroticmutt eroticmutt
I've used the 'Size Matters Pumping Kit'. They make one with smaller tubes that stimulate transmale equipment in addition to the ones for guys with bigger packages. The one for transmen is marketed more toward chicks but has a couple different size tubes to pump yourself into.

From there, stimulate it by jacking or humping something and you'll feel it right where it should be, and you can stick it in a fleshlight or other stroker.

Less spontaneous cuz you've gotta pump but hey it's worth it when you feel motivated!
Genderfree Genderfree
Usually I have something to rub against while I'm using a dildo. Vibrator, pillow, anything. For some reason, it's really appealing for me to rub my itty bitty penis against a vibe and pretend that it is an extension of my penis and sort of thrust against it. It works for me, but who knows.
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