Getting Crafty - Trans* Specific

MasonJ MasonJ
I know there's a crafts-specific forum, but I find it may be more helpful here. I've noticed that many in the Trans* community gets pretty creative in their solutions: homemade pumps, cocks, breast forms, binders, etc. So, lets post some of our favorite crafts (either done by you or a link to directions).
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MistressDandelion MistressDandelion
I've heard of a very simple thing to make a packer at low price: filling a condom with hair gel. I don't know what it's worth, but just letting know..
spencerdiamond spencerdiamond
This was a really good link for making your own STP

Oh, awesome thread idea. If I think of anything I'll report back with a link. I've seen some good homemade packing strap tutorials out there.
Nontoxic Nontoxic
I've heard of someone taking a 6" wide elastic and attaching hook and eye closures to create a binder.
jesseftm jesseftm
I turned my Spare Parts Pete packing trunks and freestyle into hard packing trunks and freestyle by lengthening the slit the packer shaft fits through and then rolling it over an o-ring and sewing it in place. Relatively simple. You can see the trunks here, but not really a close up of the work I did...just how it looks with the Vixskin Mustang in it.
TheParrishism TheParrishism
My friend and I used to take sports bras and sew them smaller to make our own binders. You have to cut out some of the curves.
Rab Rab
I redesigned a harness to fit better and stay in place more comfortably so it can be used for packing too, not just sex
TransMarc TransMarc
Someone I followed on Tumblr KNITTED a packer! Must not feels realistic, though.
Take thick, maybe wool tights and cut the legs and a hole at the crotch; pass your head through the crotch's hole and arms through the legs' holes. Wear over a real binder or two sport bras or just like that, it flattens a bit the chest if you're small enough or big and need some more. Not so breathable after a while, though, better without sport bras.
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