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Niyari Niyari
Any hints on a masculine but not butch hair cut for a small baby-faced Asian boy?
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argylesocks argylesocks
Originally posted by Niyari
Any hints on a masculine but not butch hair cut for a small baby-faced Asian boy?
try cutting it in phases and see how it looks. Once at 3 inches long, if that doesn't look right keep cutting it shorter. Fades tend to read as butcher so avoid those. shaggy tends to read as boyish more than close cropped does.
butts butts
Make sure the neckline is cut straight, same with the side burn area, that's a very important part of a masculine haircut that I don't see often in "butch cuts".

I'm in the same boat, round faced part asian, round cheeks and a tiny chin are hard to make look masculine. My hair is (very bleached) platinum blonde, shaggy, short on the sides (1in) and slightly long on top (almost goes over my eyes in the front, 4-5in) with straight cut side burns and back, I pass sometimes but mostly my voice gives it away. I use to have a mohawk but since I don't have a masculine hairline, I actually passed less with that then I do with my shaggy hair.

If you have a feminine hairline, you can always shave it to a more masculine shape. As long as you maintain it, it looks good, I've seen it done a few times pretty successfully. It REALLY helps with passing, more than you'd think!
TheParrishism TheParrishism
I think haircuts depend a lot on a person's face. Some people look more masculine with buzz cuts and some people look better with shaggy hair. Remember that you can always go shorter. Don't be afraid to experiment to see what works best on your face.
Rab Rab
I have a round baby face and usually buzz the sides and back then wear what's on top straight forward, but it all depends on personal preference, and even what your partner likes to see on you
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