How out are you?

Willowe Willowe
It's a bit complicated. I'm completely out online. I'm out to most of my friends, though not all, and I've requested that they use my preferred name and pronouns.

I'm only out to three family members. One I was outed to against my wishes, and neither her or my mom seem to respect my gender (which hurts because they're fine with me being pansexual). My sister knows my preferred name and pronouns bur doesn't use them, and I'm afraid to push the issue because no one else in my family knows.

I'm also still mostly living in my old identity, because I'm not out to most of my family.
treehugger treehugger
I'm out online and to my friends as well. I'm out to quite a few people at my university, but none of my family, haha...
Asher Asher
I am going to be out to people as they come along if I feel the need...but for now my family and friends...and my partner of course
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