If you're a partner of an FTM or MTF, have you dated an FTM or MTF before your current partner? or is this your first relationship?

ra1nb0wb00tay ra1nb0wb00tay
I'm curious as to how many partners there are that are new to the community or have been within the community before
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1st time dating an FTM / MTF
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I've dated an FTM / MTF before
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Peggi Peggi
I have dated a m2f, this was an interesting experience because although I am open-minded she did not tell me until we had been dating for a few months, which came as a shock to me, it did not bother me one bit, and I understand her hesitancy for wanting to tell me as not everyone is as accepting of the community as a whole, and I was a bit hurt that she hasn't told me prior, not that it would've changed my having dated her.

I also dated someone who at the time was still male and after we had broken up, the following year he began his transformation from m2f, we have stayed friends for 9 years
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
I've been friends with transgendered before this relationship. This is my first MtF relationship though.
nori nori
a long while back, I was dating a ftm guy who ended up becoming my best friend. after things went sour, I healed for a few months, and found this lovely mtf girl i'm seeing now.
For a while I exclusively dated other trans* people because I didn't think anyone who wasn't would understand me.
butts butts
I'm transsexual myself (FtM) but I've never dated another transperson. Totally open to it though!
queerasfuck queerasfuck
Every female bodied person I've ever dated has had some gender non-conforming issues to some degree or another, but this is the first trans guy (and he's still in the closet).
Pirate Pirate
i'm a gay ftm dating another ftm. and it's awesome, because it feels right doing stuff with him, i'm not as dysphoric as i was before.
snowyslut snowyslut
Originally posted by ra1nb0wb00tay
I'm curious as to how many partners there are that are new to the community or have been within the community before
I'm a trans* guy who has been happily dating a trans* woman for two and a half years.

We are each others' first trans* partner; she had four cis girlfriends before we met, and she is my first partner, period.

It's been awesome so far... so much so, we're considering getting married in a few years!
smlove smlove
My wife is an awesome translady. She had to wait til she was 45 to transition, but she looks younger now at 50 than 10 years ago. Estrogen did her well.
We know many other transladies and have been with a couple of them romantically. Also a few transguys. We love people in all their various forms, but do find it a little extra exciting to be with another transperson.
She was my first girlfriend (I had only dated boys before), but she's taught me all about being a lesbian, and I totally identify more as homoflexible than anything else. I enjoy penises when they're on girls, either toywise or nature-made.
What's funny is now she's finding more and more boys cute. I tease her that she's turning hetero on me.
She's the best thing in the world that ever happened to me
mamaseatspoop mamaseatspoop
ive never dated anyone that was Trans
AMorris89 AMorris89
My soon to be husband is FtM. He is the first trans person I have dated and now I am going to marry him. He is an amazing person iside and out.
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