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Has anyone here had problems getting their name legally changed? What was the reason you gave for changing your name?
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underHim underHim
No, but it was just my last name when I got married.
Jul!a Jul!a
Originally posted by underHim
No, but it was just my last name when I got married.
This as well.
kburd kburd
I didn't have any problems. I'm pretty sure that I just put 'common usage' (i.e. that's what everyone calls me).
butts butts
Changing my name was the easiest government-related thing I've ever dealt with. Hell, changing my name was 10X easier than just PICKING UP my foodstamp card after I was approved.

I went into the office, signed some papers and paid, then she scheduled my hearing for the next day. I was so nervous because I had never been to court before, but I walked in, the judge called me to stand up, I said that I was transgendered, he said "Sounds good", stamped a paper and told me I was done. Took less than 10 minutes. The hardest part of the process was saving up the money and finding the building haha!
PersonalAngel PersonalAngel
No but I would like to change my last name
transboy transboy
I didn't have any problems with it. But then again, the Australian government seems to be a lot better about it than the American one (from what I've heard).
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