New resource site for Trans Men?

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New resource site for Trans Men?

Dante Blaize Dante Blaize
Hey so this goes out to trans-identified and trans-masculine men. There are a decent amount of websites that have scattered information about products, sex toys, resources, etc. but they are all over the place. A lot of times the design is poor because there is no funding. Would any of you be interested in a resource site that has a focus on toy reviews, reviews of binders and packers, clothing, legal links, support groups, videos, etc? I technically own a business that deals with social justice issues, and I'd really like to create a subwebsite under that company with resources for transmen. Again, I know there is stuff out there, but sometimes it's nice to have more option or more in one place.

If you think you might have some stories or information to share, let me know here. It would take a little while to get up and running, as it would take a ton of research, but I think it would be nice to have an additional resource. You would of course get credit for sharing your story or reviews.
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Sir Sir
I've found many sites like this for trans- women, but not for trans- men. So I think that this is a great idea, actually! Maybe we could even post resources here on this thread also.
Dante Blaize Dante Blaize
Originally posted by Sir
I've found many sites like this for trans- women, but not for trans- men. So I think that this is a great idea, actually! Maybe we could even post resources here on this thread also.
That would be awesome! I wonder if Eden would ever want to have a section of the site with more information on identities and what not. I know the trans community here is a decent size, and some people are unfamiliar with pronouns, gender identities, and such.
Griffin Griffin
I'm actually in the process of making a new site primarily for trans guys, based on the same format as TSRoadmap. TSRoadmap is targeted towards trans women, but has had the biggest influence on my transition. I just don't find most male-oriented/FTM sites out there to be that informative. They are also geared towards (mostly) mid-career or post-career transitioners. I started when I was 17, totally different situation from most visible guys at the time (Nick Edwards, Jameson Green, etc), and never ID'd as "lesbian" so never had that community to fight with or support me.

So from a practical standpoint, I really got a lot more from the young MTF perspective at the time. There's still a lot of value there, but I always find myself wishing there were an equivalent site for us guys. So, I decided to build it. =) Not sure what the policy is on linking, but if you google GenderOutreach it's the first result. Drop me a line on the contact form! This is all based around visitor questions and questions I got when I was doing YouTube vids.
UrNaughtyaAngel UrNaughtyaAngel
Ayden Andrew & Griffin I think what the two of you are doing is a great idea, not only for the trans community but for the sex positive community in general. I am sure EF if approach wold do a such a section but I think the two of you and a few others should get together and do your own site.
grrltalk grrltalk
I'm wondering if any of you have seen this site:

It's kind of like tsroadmap is for trans women and looks like it has a lot of good info on it. I'm a trans girl, but in broader advocacy and organizing for the community have seen this page come up. I haven't read through or explored it extensively for a lack of time, but it looks quite good at a glance.
jesseftm jesseftm
I know this is a really old post, but I think it's a great idea and I would be more than happy to contribute.
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