Non-normative gender

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Non-normative gender

einad einad
does anyone feel like one gender mentally/emotionally/s ocially, but relate to their body as a different gender? am i the only one...
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Peggi Peggi
Well, I am a cis-female, however, I am also what is called "bigender", because I show in different situations both male and female characteristics. Those characteristics are to extremes, and it makes it easier for me to get along with both men and women. I was often called a tomboy as a kid, and wear a lot of the stereotypical guy clothes, sometimes MIXED with girl clothes. I've been known to rock a bikini top with some guy's shorts, and I played a lot of rough sports as a kid and LOVED wrestling and boxing.

I've been told by EVERY person who has ever dated me and by most of my friends that I am not what they think of when they think of a typical girl, and my guy is always commenting on how different I am from his ex's because I don't tend to have those normal "girl" things that bother most guys lol.
Mitzuki Mitzuki
I can't say I can relate, but I have quite a few friends who do.
Roz W Roz W
I am fine with wearing mostly women's clothes (though I'm trending away from hyper-girly things) and doing femme drag for work and not wanting to change my body, but I haven't ever been down with being perceived as "female" and this doesn't match my brain. So I tend to see my outsides as more gender-neutral than they are perceived by other people.

I end up calling this "genderqueer."
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
That's not how I would describe myself, but one of my friends has been talking to me a lot as they sort out their thoughts on gender and this sounds quite spot-on for them, so you're not the only one.
quantumspork quantumspork
I've never experienced strong dysphoria or anything, just annoyance at my breasts occasionally, yet I find that my gender identity has been all over the map. I've been leaning towards femme-somewhat-genderq ueer at the moment.

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