Packing. Who does it, who doesn't, and why?

Kaleb Kaleb
Ive been packing for a while, but I want to know other people's opinions in it. If you pack, why do you like it? Do you pack daily? What do you use? If you don't pack, what are your reasons?
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vitriolicvertigo vitriolicvertigo
I pack on occasion when I feel extra masculine (I'm genderqueer and my gender identity shifts daily). I don't have an actual packer right now, so I just use a rolled up sock, but it does an okay job. I love the feeling and the confidence it gives me and I feel so much more masculine! I like having the little bulge that only I probably notice, but it's a great boost to my self-confidence and makes me feel like it adds a little when I try to pass as male.
xragia xragia
i pack if i'm going to be somewhere like a dance or a gay club and i might get felt up/ground on, and once in a while if my dysphoria's bad i'll pack too, but i don't usually wear it on a daily basis. my packer is an stp but honestly it's less of a hassle to use a medicine spoon so if i want to use a urinal im more likely to have the spoon.
c90 c90
I'm genderqueer and haven't packed before, but I've been considering trying it
butts butts
I always feel good when I pack, but I don't normally unless I'm going out. If I'm not around people that I want to pass to, it's just a little extra hassle that I can avoid. I do love it when I do though
viserys4king viserys4king
i try to pack as often as i can.
it makes me feel good and helps w/dysphoria a lot.
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
I'm genderqueer and I pack on a fairly random basis. I usually pack to combat dysphoria, enhance sex, and/or feel extra comfortable in an outfit consisting mainly of men's clothing.
neffingnuts neffingnuts
I'm FtM and I don't really pack, I have no way of getting ahold of a real packer and the ones I make just don't stay in place and make me look like I have a hard-on. I guess I'm just not really as dysphoric about my lack of bulge, I am more dysphoric about my chest and not having a dick in actual sexual times I guess.
Rab Rab
I can't pack at work because I have to present as female to keep my job and they'd be able to see my junk through my uniform pants, but as soon as I get home, it's on
I'm saving up for a real packer, but for now it's just a rolled up pair of socks tucked into the handy little pouch on the front of my boxer briefs
I pack because it feels...right
I like the feeling of something between my thighs and it's fun when I'm driving down the road and my girl reaches over to playfully touch the little bulge
Theresa99 Theresa99
I pack because it makes me feel idk better about myself binding does wonders as well but since this is about packing I will comment on that only

I would LOVE to pack daily my god would I! But I am terrified of my parents or bothers finding out about it, I live in very religious home so its very hard to even wear anything that would make me more male looking *binder/packer* so I mostly have to wear it when I am out and about and even than am scared they will see a slight bulge or something if I walk up the stairs D:

I use a Mr Limpy (think that is what it be called) I think mine is a small or medium, not really sure and even than due to not being able to have boxer briefs its hard to get it snug right so it doesn't fall out of my panties or something half the time I do the whole "taped/tucked" thing so its over my vaginal lips and thus not as noticable of a bulge and I move it back to against my leg when I am driving someplace alone.
Nnk Nnk
I don't know if it'll help me pass more (I'm FtM) but I'm about to try it out. Ive packed before (without an actual packer)
sodapin sodapin
Originally posted by Kaleb
Ive been packing for a while, but I want to know other people's opinions in it. If you pack, why do you like it? Do you pack daily? What do you use? If you don't pack, what are your reasons?
I don't but lately I've been feeling like I need to :\ so perhaps soon. I haven't packed in the past because usually my jeans bulge enough for it to look like something's already there.
RocketBoom RocketBoom
I just think it's fun.
Andrew1992 Andrew1992
I pack on occasion, but not regularly. It mostly just depends on the mood I'm in. It's not a necessary thing for me, but I like it.
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