Size of packer in comparison to height.

JB2012 JB2012
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So I'm a little over 5'5 and I was just wondering what the average size is that people go for?
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Roz W Roz W
Mine's a little over 4 inches, I think (I'm 5'8"), and it's honestly kinda big for some things. Most dicks when flaccid are not very big.
kdlt kdlt
I agree with Roz if it isn't pack-and-play, size doesn't matter too much. Go for one that you're comfortable with! Also, I've found that the longer they are, the more erect they tend to look in your pants.
JB2012 JB2012
Thanks! Will probably go for Mr Limpy x small!
LoganAshlee. LoganAshlee.
I'd say go for x small and work your way up.. having one that feels a bit small is better than having one way too big that's unusable
Rab Rab
I think the good rule of thumb is to measure across your palm and maybe get one that's just a bit longer than that width. At least that's what someone told me!
needapacker needapacker
Mines 4 inches. I would suggest that you stay under 5"
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