sometimes i feel

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like i should be a girl and other times like i should be a guy (which i am). and the same thing with my sexuality (sometimes i prefer girls, other times guys)...

so...what the hell do i do? if i, miraculously, save enough money for surgery i'll probably regret it, but i feel like it's something i really want sometimes (and not just to have a vagina).
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You're genderfluid (or bigendered or genderqueer or whatever else you chose to call yourself), that's ok! A lot of people out there feel the same way. Really do some heavy self discovery, even counseling/therapy may help, and really decide if you are happy living with your current body parts. If you REALLY think it's going to greatly effect your life long happiness, BEGIN considering surgery/surgeries. If you're unsure, don't. Getting surgery is a big deal, and it's not something that you can undo easily! PLUS if you're unsure, a therapist PROBABLY won't give you a letter to GET the surgery in the first place, therapists are there to make sure that physically transitioning is right for you! If you can't decide if you're OK with your current parts, remember that they're YOURS, you can live as whatever gender you prefer without surgery, and your body parts are only YOUR business. There's plenty of transgenered people out there who live as males/females/etc. but never get surgery to make their bodies "match", they don't need to. You CAN live as both a girl and a guy, just present how you feel that day Surgery isn't needed for that.
Well, before considering anything like surgeries and hormones you just really need to think about what exactly you want your body to look like on average. Like, what would cause you the least amount of distress no matter what gender wave you're riding?
Falsepast Falsepast
I double posted this...i feel so stupid -_-
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