Starting T

alextge alextge
On average, how long does it take between starting gender therapy and starting hormone injections? Just curious on the time frame
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needapacker needapacker
where i live you need 3 months of therapy to get your letter and then its like a month afterwards with setting up appts and getting the prescription
lexxxmoonchild lexxxmoonchild
I think it depends on the therapist. Mine gave me my letter almost right away, but finding a doctor, getting into their office, and doing the initial blood work took a few more months.
TransGuy14 TransGuy14
Depends on where you are. WPATH standards of care is that you need at least 3 months of therapy to get your T letter. Some places are consent based and you don't need a letter at all. Then it depends how long in advance places book appointments. Back home, it was a 3 month wait. Where I am now, I had an appt 1 week later, and had my first shot a week after that
Andrew1992 Andrew1992
It depends on the therapist. I've heard anywhere from three months to a year. I went to an informed consent clinic and skipped the whole therapist thing.
Boyqueen Boyqueen
With an informed consent clinic it can take as little as a week.
xcris19x xcris19x
Think it might possibly depend on where/when you go for it. Not sure. Sorry I'm not at all helpful. ><
Asher Asher
Mine was pretty quick because of informed consent...and I was well aware of what I wanted.
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