Trans/gender related comics

butts butts
I'm a big fan of webcomics and art in general, I've seen a few OK trans/gender related comics but most of them are... well, embarrassingly cheesy humor, or incredibly angsty personal rants that are tacky too. If you enjoy them, that's great! But I have yet to find a good trans/gender related comic that suits my tastes.

In general, strangely, I've found that MtF comics are in much better taste/humor than FtM, to me at least. I'm not sure why this is, but I can't stand the humor of most other FtMs. Genderfluid/genderquee r/agender comics tend to be angsty/angry/ranty and more aimed at the annoyance of people wanting to fit them into the binary instead of funny or interesting things that happen. This is just from what I've seen of course, and I sure haven't seen everything, but I've definitely made an effort over the years to at least TRY to find a comic with good humor or a good story.

Anyone have any good comic suggestions?
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Well, I like Khaos Komix but I found the trans* man character not very relatable to me personally. Other people might feel differently though.
Nazaress Nazaress
I found one called The Princess a while back that is cutesy, humorous, and still deals with some of the issues that trans* people have. This one is about a little trans* girl who calls herself Princess Sarah. The great thing about it is that it's PERFECT for children to read, either those who are trans* themselves or those who need to be educated about it. In that regard, it may be a little too "kid-ish" for an adult but I've enjoyed all that I've read of it so far. To go back to the very beginning, click the upwards-pointing finger. And don't worry. The art has gotten better and it's moved to color, even. It was great when I was reading it (maybe I'll start again now) and I'm sure you'll love it, if you can get past (or embrace?) the fact that it is mostly for children.
pestilence pestilence
Rooster Tails is a nice journal comic, and there's a (print) comic I've been meaning to read called How Loathsome by Tristan Crane which deals a lot with gender and sexuality. I hear the trans woman character is treated pretty badly, though this treatment isn't necessarily condoned by the text, so wade carefully if you're easily triggered.
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