Using the Mr Right packing strap with other packers?

hanjonatan hanjonatan
i've tried looking at reviews, but i'm not getting any conclusive answers, so:

i have the mr limpy packer (extra small, though i'm thinking of buying the small), and i was thinking of getting the mr right packing strap. will the packer work with the strap, or am i better off spending a little extra on the mr right packer? i was hoping to avoid it, but i really do want that strap, it's so much more practical than packing underwear.

any help would be great!
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Mediumsizedman Mediumsizedman
The best packing strap you can use is one that is an o-ring, like from a hardware store and a strip of elastic, could be the waist band of a pair of underwear. Chase Ross made a video tutorial on his youtube.
butts butts
pretty much any strap will work with pretty much any packer as long as they're somewhat similarly shaped at the base, I can't imagine why the Mr. Right packing strap wouldn't fit ANY packer! If it's shaped like a dick with a flat or semi-flat back, should be no problem.
I think it would work with a similarly shaped one.
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