What if a two-spirited person wants surgery?

I consider myself two-spirited in many ways and have wondered if there are any hospitals or medical clinics that perform gender-reassignment-ty pe surgeries on people who may want to have genitals of both genders? It's something my partner and I were discussing, but everything I've read so far makes it sound like all hospitals that perform gender reassignment surgeries have strict guidelines and one must fit the right critera before being admitted.
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Genderfree Genderfree
When speaking with my gender counselor, I have heard that two-spirit/androgynous people are not excluded as long as you are out and are able to live both identities and use both restrooms. It's definably an area of trans* life that has not been often touched on. I would also like to hear more about your experience being two-spirited.
jsnyder87 jsnyder87
I have never heard of this before and interested in knowing more about two spirited people. Not sure about the surgery wise but i agress with Genderfree.
It completely depends on individual medical providers. Some surgeons work with an informed consent model, etc.
Jaxxie Lifeless Jaxxie Lifeless

This might be something youre interested in
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