what is one thing you cannot live with out that you use as a FtM/ Gender Fluid person?

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what is one thing you cannot live with out that you use as a FtM/ Gender Fluid person?

edenmysexlife edenmysexlife
i was wondering what other use or depend on in their daily lives
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A packer (with or without harness)
Vaginas , sodapin , Willowe , jsnyder87 , needapacker , Mediumsizedman , Strider
DarthTaco , Willowe , xxjoel , radioboy , Non-Binary Unicorn , butts , mamaseatspoop , Dren , MintT , MistressDandelion , Ly-Ra , Genderfree , adam71 , tiniest bird , Kristopher Sean , johnnylove , rms1992 , Schattenstern , hanjonatan , lynn52 , Mediumsizedman , pestilence , LoganAshlee. , laynealexander , ihavemagicpants
Clothing item such as jeans or a hoodie
GONE! , thisisadeletedaccount , sodapin , WhoopieDoo , MJ7 , Happenstance , Non-Binary Unicorn , MistressDandelion , amazon , Ly-Ra , Asher , tiniest bird , needapacker , FTMax , femme filth , LoganAshlee. , SalmiakkiVodka , U3H , LoneOokami , ihavemagicpants , treehugger
Scents like perfumes or cologne
GONE! , sodapin , WhoopieDoo , mamaseatspoop , amazon , Ly-Ra , Genderfree , jsnyder87 , Rhiulan , LoganAshlee. , laynealexander , LoneOokami , ihavemagicpants
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Having a "masculine" body spray makes me feel much better about myself.
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
The clothes I've bought for myself, especially good suit shirts for formal events and cargo shorts for everyday wear. I'm not big on using scented products in general, but those seem like a fun option for others.
DarthTaco DarthTaco
I'm not going back to bras @_@! You wouldn't either if you had D-cups ;_;!
sodapin sodapin
Originally posted by GONE!
Having a "masculine" body spray makes me feel much better about myself.
This, for reasons unknown xD I love looking at store flyers for male body sprays and shaving items. I don't really wear body spray too often though.
Willowe Willowe
I have a very hard time passing in public but just having my binder and packer on make me feel better about myself, even if I get misgendered.
nori nori
this doesn't address any of the other side of the spectrum. breast forms, bras, restrictive underthings.

There's multiple sides to genderqueer. :]
Happenstance Happenstance
I vote for MAAB people to be included in this conversation. Also, yes, the poll should include "breast forms, bras, [and] restrictive underthings," as Nori said. Gender is a many-layered and marvelous thing. 1. Don't make assumptions about the kind of bodies people have. 2. I see no reason to make this about FAAB people only.

As for me, as an FAAB genderqueer person, I find that binders make me feel great but are too hot, don't make me look completely flat, and are too restricting for long-term use, so I often settle for wearing a really loose shirt or hoodie to hide my figure as best I can. Unfortunately, it does nothing to hide my hips. As a DD cup, I wear bras in public (if no binder) and if it's hot, because skin against skin makes me sweat. I prefer pants over shorts or skirts. I have been known to wear femme-y blouses in formal occasions and T-shirts as casual clothes. As far as accessories, scents, etc: I never wear makeup. I like nail polish. I wear Old Spice deodorant. I have both ears pierced (and would like more piercings). I like some rings and necklaces but occasionally find them distracting, because I play with them. I'm not a fan of purfume or musks.
xxjoel xxjoel
eroticmutt eroticmutt
I couldn't pin it down to just one. Right now, having a binder is very very important to me, but I am having top surgery next month so there won't be a need for that any longer.

At the same time, I would never wear anything but baggy or skater t-shirts, baggy jeans or baggy shorts or pajama pants, so I would also be uncomfortable in say khakis and a button down shirt, but as long as I were still read as male that would be fine compared with being unbound right now.
butts butts
Even if I look especially femmy that day for whatever reason, a binder makes me feel better. I'm way more self conscious about my chest and hips than most anything else. A lower voice would really make me feel better, but that will come soon since I'm on T again.
Dren Dren
My binder. I'd love to choose my hoodie and axe body spray as well, but you did say one, so yeah XD
mamaseatspoop mamaseatspoop
Binder , of course ^^
adam71 adam71
Kristopher Sean Kristopher Sean
alistair alistair
My binder is number one
mamaseatspoop mamaseatspoop
cologne clothes and bidner :3
hanjonatan hanjonatan
binder for sure. don't leave the house without it.
I'd say clothes. I can live without everything else, but I'd feel like a drag queen in anything feminine.
bog bog
I think using a Pee-Style has changed my life. I LOVE peeing standing up!
Mediumsizedman Mediumsizedman
My binder definitely and packer is second.
Soup Soup
Binder for sure
LoganAshlee. LoganAshlee.
I need all but have yet to get my packy
laynealexander laynealexander
I definitely cannot go out without binding, but another thing that helps me feel more masculine are cute undies, haha. I prefer boxer briefs in fun designs; they are much more "me" than baggy boxers or boring briefs.
SalmiakkiVodka SalmiakkiVodka
I was fortunate enough to be born very flat chested (32AA), so I don't really need to bind if I want to pass or appear androgynous. Unless I'm wearing a thin or tight t-shirt there's not much to be seen. So a couple layers on top and some mens (or more often boys because I'm too scrawny for words) pants are usually enough.
LoganAshlee. LoganAshlee.
I thought wearing a packer would make me feel way better, but now that I have one that keeps slipping down my leg and making me look like I have a boner, it's become more hassle than help.
ihavemagicpants ihavemagicpants
as a guy with a EE cup size... i can not live without my binders. i go crazy without them...
ihavemagicpants ihavemagicpants
Originally posted by LoganAshlee.
I thought wearing a packer would make me feel way better, but now that I have one that keeps slipping down my leg and making me look like I have a boner, it's become more hassle than help.
look into some of the harnesses that are like the boxer briefs. that is what i am doing because i have the same problems with them sliping down my leg.
treehugger treehugger
I'd probably say a binder if I had one, but I guess just whatever clothing I feel reflects my gender that day.
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