When did you come to terms with yourself about being transgendered?

Charry Charry
When, in your life, did you come to realize, or come to terms with self, that you're trans?
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0-15 years of age
3  (19%)
15-20 years of age
11  (69%)
20-30 years of age
30-40 years of age
2  (12%)
40+ years of age
Total votes: 16
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hanjonatan hanjonatan
it had been getting hard to fight for a few years, but i finally came to terms with it/came out when i was 17.
DarthTaco DarthTaco
I came to terms with it after years of struggling with drug addiction. I was sober for the first time in years when I was 19, and finally had no excuse to run from my inner demons. I also came to terms with the fact that I don't like Jell-o. For some reason that one was harder o.o.
butts butts
Once I found out what trans WAS I immediately identified with it, but I knew about wanting to be male long before that
sodapin sodapin
Originally posted by Charry
When, in your life, did you come to realize, or come to terms with self, that you're trans?
It clicked that that's what I was at around 13-14 years old. Before that I had no idea trans people really existed D:.
Boyqueen Boyqueen
I was about 14 when I first started thinking about it, since that's when I learned what being trans* was. But I didn't accept it in myself until I was about 15.
Rey Rey
questioning, and i'm 31.
GenderSexplorations GenderSexplorations
Around age 15 or so, I came across the concept and it just kind of... fit.
TheParrishism TheParrishism
I was 15 or so when I admitted it to myself but I waited about 2 years hoping that it would go away.
icelandia icelandia
I had it figured out by the time I was 12, but I didn't admit it to myself until I was about 17 or 18, because I didn't want to be. Now that I'm 23, I accept it fully.
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