Which is more realistic?

Maxx Maxx
I have the small mr limpy and It doesnt feel real to me at all. too stretchy. Explain why please.
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Mr limpy small
Mr limpy extra small
1  (100%)
Mr right
Other ( Explain what)
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Maxx Maxx
I forgot to put it, but if there is one on another website that is more realistic please put what website
cupcakeman cupcakeman
Every one except the extra small are redonkulously long. Like... If you're 6 inches flaccid, please give me your address But no. Seriously. The extra small is more like.. extra normal.
cupcakeman cupcakeman
Also, as far as more realistic, be prepared to spend an arm and a leg for most of them. link this place has most of the packers listed available, though note that that shiny one listed can come in a matte color now. Not extra lubed up. Haha!

My opinion on realistic ones: It's going to get destroyed from being in your pants all day every day. I personally don't want to spend a Benjamin (or more) on something that 99.99999% of the population isn't going to see.. The only reason to get a realistic one is if you have to use public showers, or if your disphoria is severe.
Schattenstern Schattenstern
Probably because it's not a real penis? :/
jesseftm jesseftm
I really recommend the GoodVibes sailor packer. I have the smaller one because all the giant flaccid penises are just bizarre to me. I think you'll find that it feels a lot better, mostly because it has an inner core as well.
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