Who has experience coming out to teachers?

Kaleb Kaleb
What has it been like coming out to teachers/professors for you? How did they respond?
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butts butts
The profs I had that knew (from reading my thesis, or just knew) had no problem. I didn't have a single prof that disrespected or questioned me after finding out, in fact, some of the ones I was closer to talked to me about making sure I'm safe wherever I move because they were concerned about hate crimes (we live in a very liberal area). It was really nice to have so much support
c90 c90
I have come out as non-binary twice to teachers.
The first time was when my Human Relations teacher was talking about the differences between men and women and decided to have people split up by male/female. I was already pretty upset that day, so basically I just did nothing until my teacher got angry with me for not participating and I started crying. So I told her why and she said she was supportive of that and that was pretty much the end of it
The second time I can't actually remember what prompted me to (even though it was only like a week ago), didn't really get a reaction. Not in a negative way, just isn't a big deal to her I guess.
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
I have come out as genderqueer to several teachers, they have all been very relaxed and accepting about it, though I never pushed for a lot or even requested gender neutral pronouns, just let them know how I identify. I go to a small, private liberal arts college with a very large and visible queer community, so I don't know how this would necessarily play out in all academic spaces.
Phosphorous Tick Phosphorous Tick
I have a few times and it's never really been a problem. Though I did it discretely by signing my prefered name to my papers or other things like that
It's never been too much of an issue really.
Selene Selene
Whenever I have a class with a new teacher, on first day role call, I mention for them to call me Selene, there isn't much outage needing thereafter. Tits + sometimes skirt explain a lot.
sodapin sodapin
Originally posted by Kaleb
What has it been like coming out to teachers/professors for you? How did they respond?
I've only somewhat come out to a teacher's assistant. I just emailed her in advance saying that the name listed on the roster isn't the one I went by and asked her to refer to me as my male name instead and I had no issues whatsoever :O
Genderfree Genderfree
I'm pretty much out to all of the professors at the University, and they all use male pronouns with me. I don't think the Japanese professor quite gets it though, but I keep spelling my first name "Mux" instead of "Max" in Japanese, so that might be part of the problem. My school is incredibly trans inclusive, and there are gender neutral bathrooms everywhere. I have not had a single problem with any individual in the university disrespecting me.
DarthTaco DarthTaco
I have to do it with every new professor since I'm still legally female. So far, I've had no problems. Students, on the other hand XP...
needapacker needapacker
Originally posted by Kaleb
What has it been like coming out to teachers/professors for you? How did they respond?
When i first transitioned I had my mom send an email. I was in 10th grade and theres no way i could have talked to my teachers themselves. All my teachers were good with it.
TheParrishism TheParrishism
I usually send an email before classes get started. It is much easier to start with the right pronoun than to ask someone to change it later. Brains don't like the switch. Teachers tend not to think it is that big of a deal.
I don't even bother anymore. None of my professors have ever been respectful about it. In fact, they even change the pronunciation of the name I go by to be more female-sounding.
I Am Sherlocked I Am Sherlocked
The first teacher I really "came out" to was my working with children teacher in high school. I had her for all 4 years of high school. It was a slow process- I never really walked up to her and announced anything, but I wore a pin that said something like "kiss me, I'm queer".
I honestly don't think I could have had a more supportive teacher- she was actually the first adult I came out to- the first person other than my friends. She was extremely sweet about it, and she knew about my difficulties at home. She basically adopted me under her wing, and since (I graduated 2 years ago) we have stayed very close friends.
tiniest bird tiniest bird
I just send an e-mail to professors at the start of term letting them know that my legal name is not my preferred name, and could they please refer to me as X and use male pronouns. Never had any trouble, although it helps that my uni's Human Rights Services would fall on them like a ton of bricks if they made a fuss.
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