I ate raw cookie dough

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I ate raw cookie dough

peppermintgal peppermintgal
Now I want to make some cookies just so I can eat the dough. Peanut Butter cookies sound good, and shortbread cookies don't have any eggs.
Etonia Etonia
I always eat the raw dough of cookies or the batter from brownies or cake (only off the spoon/mixers though - never just eating chunks of the stuff). I've never once had any issues from eating raw eggs through that.

However there was one time when I did get horribly sick off of eating a bad egg. I was horribly sick. God I remember laying on my bed in agony, texting my boyfriend at the time telling him how horrible I felt and then I'd have another round with my garbage can. I'd get some sleep, wake up, throw up, go back to sleep and that repeated for a few more rounds until I finally felt better enough to get out of bed two days later. It took me years, just recently in fact, to finally be able to eat eggs again without feeling sick smelling them.
Ansley Ansley
Originally posted by Bignuf
Have you tried some of the "cookie dough" ice creams and shakes???
I have but that's not raw cookie dough and it doesn't contain any eggs.
sammm sammm
Sometimes I make dough from scratch just to eat.
cagypsy cagypsy
mmmm Cookie dough is right! I have been eating raw cookie dough my entire life and the only thing that might even make me think about stopping if if I am pregnant one day. Otherwise I shall continue to eat my yummy yummy raw cookie dough till the day I die. Death before no raw cookie dough! LOL
JRabbits JRabbits
Originally posted by sunflower
It tasted really good and I only have a less than 30% chance of salmonella if my memory is correct.

I just wanted to tell u about a day in my life so that if I die from salmonella one of you can come over and delete my internet ...
lol, you rebel you.

I'm with you on the babies also. They always stare at me like they're judging me.
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