Hello Everyone!

Goodkittygnbad Goodkittygnbad
I assume this is where I need to introduce myself! I go by Kitty and I'm a married mother of one. I joined Edens a while back but lost connection to the net for ages. But, now I'm back, steady, and ready to go! I'm new to writing reviews for products, but I am a published poet (Does one poem count? *smile*) Can you write a review in poetry? LOL.

I've been looking over the community today and you all seem like lovely people, I can't wait to get to know you all.
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Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Nice to meetcha, Kitty
Miss Cinnamon Miss Cinnamon
Welcome back, Kitty!
Epiphora Epiphora
Dragon Dragon
Welcome to Eden! (again...) I'm sure that if you have any questions, there are lots of people on the forum that will be willing to help you.
Goodkittygnbad Goodkittygnbad
Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes. The only question I have right now is more of a technical one. How do you get your own avator image uploaded? It won't accept the image I have. I've got it over 100 x 100 pixels, but its still not working. Any tips? Thanks!
Sammi Sammi
Hi Kitty, and welcome back!
*Country Girl Can Survive* *Country Girl Can Survive*
::waving:: hello and welcome...back!!
Oggins Oggins
Welcome back to the community!

I think the problem you may be having with your image is that it has to be approved before it will show up. It usually takes a business day or two before it can be approved. Until then, an orange guy will show up. If that's not the case, you should probably send an email to see what's up.
Backseat Boohoo Backseat Boohoo
Oggins is right--I rotate my icons once in an absolute blue moon, and it takes a day or two for the new one to show up properly.

Welcome to EF!
Goodkittygnbad Goodkittygnbad
Ah, lovely. I saw the little orange guy and thought I'd done something wrong. Thank you!
Liz2 Liz2
Welcome....yes there are glitches but they eventually work out.
Victoria Victoria
Welcome back!
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