I am back--after a short time of being on here very randomly!!

js250 js250
I am ready to review and anxious to get back to haunting the site!! For those who have been very patient with me in my message responses--thank you! I had some issues that needed dealt with and my family was here for the holidays.

BUT--the holidays are over, the issues came to a head and are done and I have many items to review! My next bit of neglect will happen when I move to my new house, but it will only be during the day. You can't get rid of me too easily, lol!!!! Love you guys!!!
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PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Glad to see you get back into the swing of things! You're missed when you're not as involved!!

Please know that we're all here for you as you're dealing with personal things at home!
Mikemanz Mikemanz
welcome back!
charmedtomeetyou charmedtomeetyou
welcome back!
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