#AprilFools - The Great Winnie

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#AprilFools - The Great Winnie

shelberlynn shelberlynn
When I saw this large and in charge dildo appear on Eden, I instantly knew I needed it! No other dildo this size could be made, jelly or not, I wanted something huge to fill my cavities! Never had I seen a dildo stand in a goregous fully hard length of 39 ft. Nor one that was 4 ft in width. So, I bought him, thinking it would be the best buy I had ever made!

When the great winnie showed up at my door I thought it most have been a joke, and two by three inch box was hovering over my steps in a sparkling glow. "Damn, must not be the right toy," I exclamined bringing it into my home. "What the hell, I'll open it anyways". How could a toy so large fit in such a tiny discreet package? Well, I'm not sure how it was achieved. But just like my friends prom dress, when I opened the package my gianormous dildo exploded out and was standing full size in my living room, I guess I needed a skylight put in because he poked a hole in my celing.

I then climbed my extra tall ladder to ride on top of my great winnie, when suddenly as I scooted on top his large head, he disapeered! Falling flat on my ass on the couch a small note floated into my lap. The note read, "To the buyer to the great winnie, my only use is one amazing act, try and fuck me until your heart is content, but I will disapeer before your eyes. Leaving you horny and alone."

Needless to say, I should have known by the pictures on Eden that he was a magician, and not the kind with magnificent pleasing powers!
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PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
That sounds like a horribly disappointing product! We expect more from you, Eden!
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
edeneve edeneve
lol!!! lol!!! love it!
ImaGodiva ImaGodiva
That is SO disappointing. You think you're getting a toy that rivals the Triple Ripple Destroyer, and you end up with a deflated life raft. Well, I guess what I would do is fill it with Jell-O and invite my boyfriends over for some wrestling! When EF gives you lemons, make lemonade (-flavored Jell-O). I've had this on my wishlist for months waiting for it to come back in stock! Well, if you're interested in selling it to me on the Classifieds, my name is Sabrina, Seraphina and Savannah. Take your pick. I'll mail you the money as soon as I get the box. Oh, and do you know where I can buy Jell-O by the boatload?
At least it didn't get stuck reaching for her honey pot.
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