The worse April fools joke you have ever had pulled on you?

HarlequinBunnie HarlequinBunnie
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What is the worst April Fools joke that has ever been pulled on you?

Years ago my husband called me while I was in the hospital to tell me that our car had been reposed. I said thats not funny honey! To which he said it's not a joke babe the car is really gone!

The car was gone and was reposed however it was all due to his father pulling a joke that went too far.
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FindingJames FindingJames
When I was about 6 I got home with my mom. She unlocked the door and went inside, but I went back outside to take my dog out. A few minutes later my mom comes running out of the house yelling at me. She said I must have left the sink on in the upstairs bathroom because the sink was flooding. I knew I didn't because I used the downstairs bathroom that morning, so I denied it. My mom kept yelling at me, so I started crying. I ran to my room and kept crying until I realized that when I ran past the upstairs bathroom to go to my room, it wasn't flooded. I didn't talk to my mom for about a week after that. It really wasn't that bad of a prank because everybody knows better than to prank me. April Fool's Day is my birthday, so they know if they prank me I'll get really mad.
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