Can I put company logos on my blog?

Howells Howells
I'd like to advertise companies (xxx company or toy production company), can I use their logos in the footer, saying that I recommend these? Most of the affiliate aggreements say I can only use the promo material to advertise but I think they just mean that I can't put up paid content to draw new customers. Are logos ok? Also I thought putting similar companies' logos next to each other. (e.g. Eden Link)
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
It's ok with EdenFantasys as long as you have the two meaningful links back to the site from your review.

We have affiliates and bloggers who work with us and other online retailers.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Well, it's your website.. you can do just about anything you want. Technically speaking, you should only be using images that companies say it's okay to use (ie provided affiliate banners) but even if, say, you stole EF's logo from the website to make a banner, no one's going to come after you.
Howells Howells
Yes they will if I put up copyrighted paid content, e.g. when affiliated with a porn company. So no one can do whatever they want in terms of this. Logos are always a grey area (like we use twitter, fb logos basically everywhere). I think when it's beneficial for the company I'm using the logo of, then it's ok. Unless I show them in a bad light of course.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I think even if you show them in a bad light, it's highly unlikely that companies are going to go after you. It's really difficult to police the Internet and you're probably over-thinking this. Besides, even bad publicity is good publicity.

If you're worried about grey area just make sure you're only using images provided for linking back and pretty much every website on the Internet has some of those.
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